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5 Waste Management Cost Saving Tips for Commercial Property Owners and Tenants

When owning a commercial property or leasing one, there are many ways you can save money on simple day-to-day activities. Here we offer you five tips on how you can save money on waste management. It is not just the collection of waste itself but also the extra costs for cleaning and pest control due to bad waste management.


Tip 1 - Bag Rubbish Correctly

Always bag your rubbish correctly, including not putting any liquids or sharp objects in your rubbish bags. This can cause problems when taking rubbish from your tenancy to the bins including spilling liquids on floors. Depending on the nature of the spill this could result in a fall due to slippery floors, or the attraction of vermin. It is better to minimise the risk of falls or extra cleaning costs by bagging rubbish correctly.


Tip 2 - Place Correct Types of Garbage in the Correct Bins

Place the correct rubbish in the correct bins. If you have recycling bins, bottle bins, or waste bins, make sure all the correct rubbish goes in the correct bins. Contractors may not pick bins up if they are cross-contaminated. This can result in added expense because they will have to return after you have spent time cleaning them out and arranging everything into the appropriate bins.


Tip 3 - Completely Fill One Bin at a Time

Fill one bin completely before using another one. If you only fill bins halfway, you will be charged for the entire bins collection. As a result, instead of paying for one bin, you may end up paying for several bins that are just half full. You can save money by filling one bin at a time.


Tip 4 - Don't Overfill Bins 

You do not want rubbish falling all over the ground adding to cleaning costs to pick it up and wash away any spillages. It is also very unsightly for the image of the property. 


Tip 5 - Keep Bin Lids Closed

Keep the bin lids shut. You don't want birds or mice going inside and dragging rubbish out onto the ground, which requires extra cleaning. Keeping the bin lids closed also avoids unpleasant odours from accumulating in the bin area.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss more cost-saving strategies.