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Why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Crucial

Because they only use their air conditioning for a few months out of the year, many businesses may believe that it is unnecessary to maintain an air conditioner. However, if you do not maintain your air conditioner, you may experience many more issues in the future. These issues might range from costly breakdown repairs to employee and consumer illness or even fires.

What happens if an air conditioner is not serviced?

Without a doubt, air conditioners are an integral part of our life in Australia. They keep our homes and offices cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, if they are not properly maintained, they can cause fires and are costly to repair or replace.

Air conditioners are used for more than merely cooling indoor air. They also provide clean air for your family, employees, and customers. If you neglect to service your air conditioner, the air quality will suffer.

If filters are not frequently cleaned, they can become clogged with moisture and mildew, which is bad for you, your employees, your customers, and the air conditioning machine itself. Additionally, clogged filters impede airflow through your system, reducing its efficiency and requiring the machine to work harder to meet your requirements. In addition to decreasing the life of the system's components and motor, these factors raise your electricity costs.

The importance of regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for all electrical appliances and devices. A well-maintained air conditioner will last longer and perform better.

A variety of clauses are included in commercial leases to ensure that both the tenant and landlord are aware of their responsibilities. Air conditioning maintenance is one of these clauses and it specifies who is liable for air conditioning maintenance, which is typically the Lessee for air conditioning maintenance within a tenancy and the Lessor for air conditioning maintenance in common areas.

If a regular maintenance service is not performed in accordance with the conditions of your lease and the air conditioner causes a fire, breaks down and is irreparable, or someone becomes ill as a result, you may be held accountable as the tenant. The expense of repairing or replacing the system's components or the entire system may become your responsibility, which you may not be able to afford.

It is preferable to have a reputable and qualified air conditioning professional perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning units to ensure that they are running at their highest efficiency. Ridgeline Commercial Realty works with several air conditioning companies to ensure our Lessors assets are being maintained properly thus keeping capital expenditure costs down.

Below are the general responsibilities of an air conditioner technician:

  • verify the correct refrigerant level
  • use a leak detector and test for leaks
  • check the refrigerant is being extracted from the system and not unlawfully released into the atmosphere.
  • Check for and seal duct leakage in central systems
  • measure the airflow across the evaporator coils
  • examine electric terminals, clean, and tighten connections, and if necessary, apply a non-conductive coating
  • oil motors and check belts for tightness and wear
  • examine the accuracy of the thermostat
  • notify you of any system failures

We hope this blog has helped you comprehend the significance of servicing your air conditioner.

Choosing the right Managing Agent or Leasing Agent

If you are looking for a Managing Agent and Leasing Agent who understands what is required to maintain your property and assist Tenants in understanding their responsibilities, we would love to hear from you.